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11 March 2017 @ 08:41 am
Źle mi się pracuje bez tabelek, więc wsadzam sobie tutaj tymczasowo swoje bieżące projekty, dopóki fanwiki nie odzyska możliwości edycji.

Odcinek 8: tłumaczenie: 100%
korekta: w trakcie

Odcinek 5:
tłumaczenie: 100%
korekta: w trakcie

tłumaczenie: 100%
korekta: w trakcie

tłumaczenie: 6%
16 February 2017 @ 03:54 pm
A couple of days ago, I had a nice experience. I was at the mall, riding an evevator from the parking to the lowest level, and there was another woman in the elevator with me. She was pushing a huge TESCO cart filled with carton boxes, labelled with a cosmetic company name (Eveline that was). She left the elevator at the same floor and went in front of me, pushing her cart. Unfortunately, the door that were supposed to open automatically were out of order, so we had to open them manually. She tried top do that, and then I called her to wait, because I was going to open and hold that door for her. She thanked me and as she passed through that door, she turned to me and said "They say, good deeds return with triple power, so here you go.." She handed me a eye-lash conditioner and went away smiling. And I was so stoned, that only managed to mumble my thanks. I felt kinda like a Cinderella meeting a fairy godmother! I didn't do anything unusual - and yet I was praised and rewarded! Wowo, that was something, that made my day! Let's be kind to each other guys :D
Have a great day, minna-san!!
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07 February 2017 @ 06:15 pm
Ugh... I am so irritated, that I srsly need to release some steam! I spent half of the day running around with my kid from one doctor to another, making tons of examinations, drawing blood, EKG, etc., just to find out, that I have to wait for the final examination till... April! No earlier dates available in this damn city! Gosh, at least I know, that my son is not seriously ill, but still! Well, he's coming bac to school next week, and I will be able to start cleaning a bit and rearranging the boxes (still not enough furniture, but kitchen is coming soon! Thank you IKEA ;) ). And I am sure, that in the middle of the biggest mess I will get another project to process, and it will have to be completed ASAP. As usual. Well, that's life after all.
The only good thing about all that craziness is the fact that I am too busy/tired to cry over SMAP disbending issue. I must say, I still cannot believe that my beloved boys are not together anymore! Well, I hope they're fine on their own. I need to check their latest dramas - hopefully I will find time for that soon!!
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06 February 2017 @ 09:29 pm
Yatta! Finally I managed to move for good. I left the city center and landed safely in the suburbs! Our house is not finished yet, but we will work on it slowly (but consequently). Now I need to unpack all the boxes, buy new furniture, find all my stuff and locate it in proper places... I should be ready witll all that before next Christmas!!! I never expected that we have so much belongings! Do I really need that much? Well, moving is a great opportunity for cleaning and emptying wardrobes! I am determined to make some order in my clothes - I guess it's high time for some items to leave me for good!!
The most happy creatures are the cats! They got so much space to run around and play, they explore every corner (especially those dirty ones in the still-under-construction part of the building) and bring tonnes of dust on their fur.
Well, let's see howe we can get used to living so far away from "civilisation".
Challenge accepted!
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Current Music: BUMP OF CHICKEN ray
17 June 2016 @ 12:39 pm
Well, I've been through a lot lately, but it seems that all the hard times are coming to an end.
Slowly, but I can see the light in the tunnel... (I just hope it's not shinkansen speeding to crash me!).
My kids are getting bigger and bigger, sometimes I cannot believe that I actually gave birth to them. Good thing is that I don't feel that I am getting older at all.
Well, not until I look into the morror at least.
In two or three weeks I should be able to check all my friends' LJs, so pls look forward to my visits :)
See you soon!
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18 April 2015 @ 03:56 pm
I just wonder, why do I make post so seldom? LJ is an important place for me, I got so many precious friends here....
Right, lately life gave me mainly lemons, but now I am determined - I will squeez them and make lemonade!
And have fun with all of you again!!
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04 May 2014 @ 09:05 am
What to do with bored kids on Golden Weekend?  I tried almost (almost is correct) everything, but the gloomy and rainy weather really doesn't help! So today I let them choose the song they want to try the choerography to - and they picked this one:

My eye is swollen, I am still coughing and feeling a bit dizzy, but hey! Let's "Kiss, kiss, kiss"!!!
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Current Music: Ono Daisuke "Kiss kiss kiss"
22 April 2014 @ 12:13 pm
Sometimes I wish, I had some superpowers enabling me to control my own emotions... Last week I got some small breakdown, because of my PC OS HDD crushing down and taking lots and lots os important data with it. Seems  that I will either have to pay some crazy money to a data recovery service technicians, or learn to live withot the documents, pics and music... Yup that !@#$%^&* Seagate took all my music :(
Anyway  -I still have limited access to the internet, so I don't appear on FB  much, but you can catch me easily on Line or other msngs on my phone :) I hope, everything will be back to normal aroung Friday, so yeah  - I'd better stop banging my head against the desk and get back to work!
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Current Music: Utada Hikaru Can you keep a secret
07 November 2013 @ 09:19 pm
Somehow I woke up thsi morning with an urge to watch Konkatsu! again... Now I am torn in two - lots of work to be done and the burning need to see Nakai falling in love.... What to do???
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Current Music: Lunar Maria - Daisuke Ono
21 October 2013 @ 08:46 pm
So, just a  short note (again)...
Well, I am alive, working like crazy because.... dum dum dum... my house is 50% ready! I mean, it already has walls, roof, windows and some installations - now all I need is lots of money to finish it. This is also the mayor reason, why I am so silent. I spend almost all my time working, but I really want to move in spring! I am so tired of living in the center of the city!
Anyway, I try to finish all the commenced projects, reduce my things before I start packing to move them etc.
You have no idea how many stuff a 4-persons family has, until you try to put them in boxes, hahahaha So now I am struggling with clothes - serious reduction in progress!

I believe, I can do that, because there's no one to help me - I have no choice, right? Thanks God, I am a tough one :D
And then, one day, I will take my laptop out, sit in front of my house on the grass and... study Japanese as I always wanted to!
yup, dreams are what keeps me going on!!!

And I discovered this guy lately  - cannot link directly to his music, but you can find him here:
His name is Yui Ohba - his voice is really something!!!

See you soon!!
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